13 German Shepherd Facts

13 Jolly Facts About German Shepherds

German Shepherds are a very popular breed of dog. They are one of the most intelligent dogs but are a relatively new breed, having only been around since the 19th Century. If you're a lover of this breed or dogs in general, you'll love these 13 German Shepherd facts.

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Facts all about sea turtles

9 Satisfying Facts About The Sea Turtle

Sea turtles are reptiles that live primarily in tropical oceans around the globe. Sadly their survival in the future isn't guaranteed. Climate change, pollution, and poachers are all impacting them, but conservationists are working hard to protect them. Here are nine fascinating sea turtle facts.

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Facts about blue jay birds

9 Fascinating Facts About Blue Jay Birds

Blue jay birds are a type of flying bird that is native to North America. These birds are incredibly unique and have a rather unique appearance. Here we're going to look at the nine most interesting facts about blue jays.

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Facts about badgers

15 Bodacious Facts About Badgers

Badgers belong to the Mustelidae family, just like weasels, otters, ferrets, and minks. Being primarily nocturnal, they enjoy coming out of their burrows after sunset. Learn more about these incredible mammals with these 15 bodacious facts all about badgers.

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10 Chill Facts About Chihuahuas

10 Chill Facts About Chihuahuas That You Should Know

Chihuahuas are the smallest breed of dog on the planet! You either love them or hate them, but they are well known for being feisty and aggressive little beasts. Nonetheless, who can deny their cuteness? Want to learn more about Chihuahuas? Here are ten totally chill facts.

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Ten facts about flightless birds

10 Fun Facts About Flightless Birds

When we think of birds, we imagine them flying in our skies, but there are many amazing birds out there that aren't able to fly. The most recognizable being the ostrich or penguin. Here are ten incredible facts about flightless birds.

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Are mermaids real?

Are Mermaids Real?

Mermaids are female Merfolk and are known for having a fishtail and human female upper body. They have been mentioned for hundreds of years but are they real, and have they ever existed? Let's venture deep below the surface and take a closer look.

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The 2019 Russian polar bear invasion

The Mass Polar Bear Invasion Of Russia

In 2019 a state of emergency was called by Arkhangelsk Oblast authorities in the northern islands of Novaya Zemlya, Russia, after dozens of polar bears invaded the area. Polar bears are rarely seen in Russia, but sightings have become more frequent as climate change destroys their natural habitat.

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Blue Tang Fish Facts

9 Fun Facts About Blue Tang Fish

The blue tang fish has become famous around the world thanks to Dory in the Pixar movies Finding Nemo and Finding Dory. This little fish can be found in the tropical reefs of the Indo-Pacific. Find out more about them with these nine interesting blue tang facts.

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Facts all about hummingbirds

10 Helpful Facts About Hummingbirds

Hummingbirds belong to the biological family Trochilidae, and there are known 338 species. They can be found across the Americas but mostly in the tropical regions as they hate the cold. Here are ten incredible facts all about the hummingbird!

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Facts about the Brontosaurus dinosaur

9 Beefy Facts About The Brontosaurus

The Brontosaurus dinosaur was discovered back in 1879 in North America. It was one of the biggest dinosaurs to roam the planet. This massive land animal was hefty, had a super long neck and a small brain. Here are nine beefy facts all about them!

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How the RAF fought malaria by parachuting cats

How The RAF Fought Malaria With Parachuting Cats

Mosquito bites lead to one of Earth’s deadliest diseases - Malaria. Borneo has its fair share of malaria cases, but one time in history, trying to control it led to a decline in cats, which increased a rat infestation. Find out how they fixed the situation with this incredible story.

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