Facts about Mississippi

15 Interesting Facts About Mississippi

Mississippi was the 20th state to join the United States of America on December 10, 1817. This southern state has a deep, rich history going back some 10,000 years. Did you know at one point the state was the fifth richest? Find out more with these 15 interesting facts about Mississippi.

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Christmas Day Facts

10 Jolly Facts About Christmas Day

Christmas Day is the most celebrated holiday in the world. Falling on December 25 every year, it's celebrated by over 2 billion people across 160 countries. This special day is about friends and loved ones, gifting, and appreciating what you already have. Here are ten facts you didn't know about Christmas Day.

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Pfeffernüsse Day Facts

National Pfeffernüsse Day | December 23

Pfeffernüsse Day falls on December 23 every year. This festive cookie is a family favorite for Germans, Dutch, Danish, and many other European families. This holiday being so close to Christmas makes it the perfect day to prepare these to gift guests on Christmas Day.

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The twelve days of Christmas

What Are The 12 Days Of Christmas?

The Twelve Days of Christmas is a classic Christmas song by Frederic Austin in the 1780s. Of course, we all know this popular festive song, but do you know what all the twelve days are and what they all mean? Keep on reading to find out.

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Facts about Santa's reindeer's

9 Interesting Facts About Santa’s Reindeer

Santa's reindeer are one of the most iconic traditions during the Christmas festivities. The reindeer are known to help Santa get gifts to every child in the world over Christmas Eve. But what else do you know about them? Here are nine interesting facts about Santa's reindeer.

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Why are Christmas cracker jokes so bad?

Why Are Christmas Cracker Jokes So Bad?

Christmas crackers are a tradition for many during the winter festivities. Upon snapping a cracker, the winner is gifted with a small gift, a paper hat, and usually a silly joke. But why do crackers have these jokes included in the first place, and why are the so awful?

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Minnesota Facts

15 Magnificent Facts About Minnesota

Minnesota was the 32nd state to join the United States of America on May 11, 1858. The state is the 12th largest and has a long past stretching back over 11,000 years. Let's unravel Minnesota's story with these 15 incredible facts all about it.

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Facts about Michigan

15 Fun & Interesting Facts About Michigan

Michigan became the 26th state to join the United States of America on January 26, 1837. Having been inhabited for more than 13,000 years, this state has a rich history. Learn how incredible the state of Michigan is with these 15 fascinating, detailed facts all about it.

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Why do we eat candy at Halloween?

Why Do We Eat Candy On Halloween?

The use of candy is incredibly common during Halloween. The evidence can be seen by children's overflowing candy buckets while going out "Trick or Treating." But when did this tradition begin, and why?

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Facts about Masachussetts

15 Mind-Blowing Facts About Massachusetts

Massachusetts joined the United States on February 6, 1788. This state has changed hands many times since being Inhabited by Paleo-Indians thousands of years ago. It may only be the 44th largest state but is packed with a rich story. Here are 15 fun facts.

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National Frappé Day

National Frappé Day | October 7

October 7 is a special day for coffee lovers, as it's the day we celebrate National Frappé Day. Frappés are chilled or frozen beverages, and Dimitris Vakondios created them in 1957. Keep on reading to find out more about National Frappé Day.

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Facts about Maryland

15 Mind-Blowing Facts About Maryland

Maryland was the 7th state to join the United States of America on April 28, 1788. The State has been inhabited for over 12,000 years, giving this tiny state its rich story. Here are 15 incredible facts all about the state of Maryland.

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