Facts about Rihanna

45 Fabulous Facts About Rihanna

Rihanna is one of the most influential singer-songwriters in the world. Famed for songs like S.O.S, Umbrella, and S&M, she has released many catchy hits that have smashed records time and again. Here are 45 fascinating facts all about her. How many do you know?

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Halsey facts

30 Heroic Facts About Halsey

Halsey was born Ashley Nicolette Frangipane on September 29, 1994, in Edison, New Jersey, US. She is a singer-songwriter who has gone from a troubled past to one of the most famous artists of our time. Here are 30 facts all about this amazing woman.

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30 Facts About Lauv

30 Lovely Facts About Lauv

American singer-songwriter Lauv was born August 8, 1994, in San Francisco. He's most famous for his hit single "I Like Me Better." If you're a fan of his then you'll love these 30 lovely facts all about his childhood, family and career.

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Facts about Lil Nas X

30 Fast Facts About Lil Nas X

Lil Nas X is an American country rapper. He's smashed records for being the first openly gay black male artist on the country music scene and has built his fame through his music and clever use of social media algorithms. Here are 30 fast facts all about him.

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Unique facts about Michael Jackson

15 Unique Facts About Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson was one of the greatest musical legends of all time. He was also one of the richest and has won several awards for his wealth both while alive and posthumously. It's a known fact he led an interesting life and here are 15 unique facts about his life.

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How classical music affects the brain

How Does Classical Music Affect The Brain?

Listening to classical music like Mozart interestingly alters the way the brain behaves in several ways. But why does this happen? Let’s take a closer look at what’s going on inside the brain and how listening to classical songs can affect babies too.

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Facts about Blackpink

35 Fab Facts About Blackpink

Blackpink, the South Korean born K-Pop group, includes members Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa. They are one of the most famous and successful K-Pop groups in the world and are well known for their fun-loving tunes. We've scoured the web to find 35 awesome facts about them. Let's get started.

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5 Banging Facts About Bongo Drums

5 Booming Facts About Bongo Drums

The bongo drums are a percussion instrument that were invented in Cuba in the 19th Century and have become well known worldwide for their African design with a Latin influence. Here are 5 banging facts about the bongos that you should know.

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The Top Secret Government Song

The Message To Colombian Hostages Hidden In A Pop Song

In 2010 the Colombian Army faced a pretty serious hostage crisis. Several groups of kidnapped soldiers were held hostage by armed guerrilla fighters of the Revolutionary Armed Forces. In order to inspire the spirits of the hostages, the government had to get a message to them... but how?

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Africa Art Installation

The Mystery Hut Playing “Africa” by Toto For All Eternity

Of all the art installations in the world, this one takes the cake! In the middle of the Namib desert, there is a speaker system set up playing "Africa" by Toto on repeat forever! If you want to find it, good luck because the location is undisclosed...

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Jack Johnson Facts

30 Chill Facts About Jack Johnson

Known for his feel-good soft rock and acoustic music, Jack Johnson is the perfect option for a relaxing summer day, or a long drive down the coast. Jack Johnson does more than just make the perfect beach music though. Check out these top 30 facts about this multi-talented musician!

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5 Underrated Facts About The Triangle Musical Instrument

5 Underrated Facts About The Triangle Instrument

The triangle percussion instrument is probably one of the least thought about instruments in terms of training involved and coolness levels. After all, who can't play the triangle? However, these simple little instruments have a more interesting background than you would think!

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